What will I do at NextPath Continuous Learning?

At NextPath Continuous Learning you will learn through participation in:


- Face-to-face learning sessions at the Launchpad (on campus); Camden and Narellan. These learning sessions can be an individual program or in a group setting


- Community learning experiences, which may include practicing skills or volunteering at different places in the community or participating in work placement; and


- Project based learning sessions. This will involve you working on a project either with a group or by yourself, to practice skills that you have been learning.


For you to learn and progress in all of our Programs:


- You need to be ready to make decisions about your life. Your supporters, and staff at NextPath Continuous Learning can support you with this,


- You need to have something you to want to work towards (a self-determined goal),


- NextPath Continuous Learning staff, you and your supporters will need to work together to support and measure achievement towards your goal, and 


- You and Your supporters will need to meet with NextPath Continuous Learning staff at least 2 times a year, so together they can best support you while you’re at NextPath Continuous Learning.