Tier 1 Therapy: On the Floor Therapy


Each Continuous Learning group has access to a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist for 2 hours a week. Our ‘On the Floor’ therapists run group activities and support young adults to participate in different aspects of the Continuous Learning program. This model also allows therapists to provide training and support to our Goal Facilitators and Continuous Learning staff. Our Physiotherapists also provide a 1 hour training session to all groups on Healthy Living Program (HLP) day



Tier 2 Therapy: Intensive Blocks


Tier 2 Therapy is an evidence informed approach known as ‘Goal Directed Therapy’. Our intensive blocks run for approximately 12 weeks and target one specific goal at a time. Our Therapists develop programs that are implemented weekly by our Allied Health Assistants. Utilising our Allied Health Assistants is a cost effective way to provide intensive therapy and our Young Adults benefit from working towards one important, functional goal at a time. 



Tier 3 Therapy: Individual Therapy


Tier 3 Therapy refers to ‘traditional’ individual therapy supports with a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. Young Adults who access Tier 3 therapy typically see their therapists fortnightly, and have several long term therapy goals.