In-Class Therapy commenced in 2019 as a whole class group therapy program and has evolved into a comprehensive model that allows Therapists to provide individualised therapy supports in the classroom. Students access their NDIS Capacity Building funds or pay privately for this service.



Why ICT?


Research indicates therapy should be integrated into the classroom for the following reasons:


- Children learn the skills they need in the places they will use them

- Children have increased practice opportunities 

- Children's social relationships are fostered 

- Children don’t miss out on classroom activities 

- Teachers can see what therapists do to help expand their skills

- Teachers can see if the strategies developed are feasible 

- Teachers and therapists focus on skills that will be immediately useful

- Therapists can work with teachers to address problems as they arise



The In-Class Therapy Model at Mater Dei also allows for:


- A dedicated team of therapists from NextPath Assessment & Therapy working with a large number of Mater Dei students and teachers

- Collaboration opportunities between teachers and therapists

- Therapists attending parent/teacher interviews

- Therapist input to school report

- Predictable scheduling and minimal disruption to classroom routines (e.g. compared to students being withdrawn for one on one services)


To understand the costs of In-Class Therapy, please follow the link below: