Frequently Asked Questions about attending NextPath Continuous Learning

NextPath Continuous Learning will avoid setting any traditional written homework tasks. However, there will be things that we may ask you to do at home. This might include:

- Talking about something that we have discussed during the day with one of your supporters, or


- Practicing something with one of your supporters that you are learning.

If you need to take prescription medications or other uncommon medications, there are some forms you will need to fill out (medication tracking sheet and medication checklist). These forms will be available will be available to you prior to your commencement at NextPath Continuous Learning. You will also need to give your medication to the driver if you are using transport services supplied by NextPath Continuous Learning who will then give it to NextPath Continuous Learning staff. If you make your way independently to NextPath Continuous Learning, you can hand in your medication to NextPath Continuous Learning staff and we store your medication in a locked cabinet or if you are independent in doing so, we will ask you to put your medication in your locker with a lock on it.


NextPath Continuous Learning will supply common medications such as Panadol, Nurofen or Antihistamines. If you take any of these medications irregularly then we ask that you don’t bring them with you. Though if you do need to take these types of medications when you are at NextPath Continuous Learning we can assist with this when required based on the medication forms completed at your orientation.


Talk to your Goal Facilitator before bringing any medications with you.

We don’t have a uniform that you need to wear whilst at NextPath Continuous Learning.


When you are attending for your group or individual program we ask that you wear clean, smart casual clothing.


If you are heading out for WorkPlace Learning you will be asked to wear black pants and a black top, unless there is a specific uniform for this placement. The WorkPlace Learning Team will discuss this with you before your first day of attendance.


If you are representing NextPath Continuous Learning at a Mater Dei Organisation Event, you may be asked to wear a NextPath Continuous Learning branded shirt or blazer. You do not need to purchase these, we have them available in a variety of sizes for you to borrow.

The hours and days that you attend NextPath Continuous Learning will depend on your individual needs and the goals that you are working towards. Our group programs run from 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday. This does not mean you need to attend 5 days a week. You can choose to come 1-2days or more. Funding may also affect your hours of attendance. You may be working, studying or attending another program. We will try to take this into consideration when we are planning your program at NextPath Continuous Learning.


If you are receiving a 1:1 session only we will do our best to provide times that suit you best between 9am – 3pm.

Yes! You can bring a device with you if you would like to, however it is not necessary. There may be times you would like to work on your projects on your own device!


We remind you that if you do choose to bring a device with you it is your responsibility and if anything happens to your device when you are at NextPath Continuous Learning it will not be the responsibility of NextPath to replace or repair this item.

Just like if you were going to work, university or TAFE, you will bring everything that you need for learning each day. NextPath Continuous Learning does supply stationery and limited technology. Though as you are working towards independence we do suggest you bring these things with you.


We also suggest you bring food and drink from home, however you will have opportunity to purchase this throughout the week if you choose. The opportunity to purchase will vary depending on campus location (please see further questions regarding breaks and lunch below).

Each day there will be breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The times are in your daily program and in your timetable sent to you on a Friday afternoon. The times may be different each day. We do expect you to keep to these times and not return back late from your break.


If you are at the Narellan Town Centre Site you are able to purchase your morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea.


If you are at the Wivenhoe Site there will be some opportunity for you to go out to the community to purchase your morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea! You will need to bring your own food on the days that you are not going out. This will be communicated to you in your timetable.


At NextPath Continuous Learning we focus on making healthy choices and gain independent living skills. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your own lunch when you can, or purchase items which allow you to make your lunch over multiple days to save money.


We encourage you to bring a drink bottle each day. We do have kitchen facilities including coffee/tea making facilities on site. There is also a fridge, microwave, toaster and sandwich press available for you to use.

If you do forget your lunch or money to purchase lunch please let a NextPath Continuous Learning staff member know as soon as possible.


NextPath Continuous Learning will purchase a lunch for you and the details will be provided to you to take home. Yourself or your supporter will need to reimburse NextPath on your next day at Continuous Learning.

NDIS funding does not cover out of pocket expenses. Any additional expenses are the responsibility of the Individual or their Supporter and are not included in the cost of supports (e.g. entrance fees, event tickets).


For more information on supports funded by the NDIS, see:


When you join NextPath Continuous Learning, your supporter and yourself will fill out a form which tells NextPath Continuous Learning staff whether you are able to make purchases when you are at NextPath Continuous Learning, how much you can spend, and whether you will use cash or a credit card/EFTPOS card.

To ensure your safety when you go into the community, NextPath Continuous Learning work on a licence based system.


L-Plate means that you will have a staff member with you when you are out. All participants start with a yellow L-Plate. You have the opportunity to work your way through the colours once your Goal Facilitator and your supporter believe you are ready.


Red P-Plate means you will have either a staff member or another participant with you when you go out, or you may be able to walk ahead of a staff member.


Green P-Plate means you can go out on your own. You must take your phone with you and agree on the time you will come back. You also need to inform a staff member where you are going.

If you cancel up to 48 hours prior to the agreed attendance time, or if you are not present at the agreed attendance time, cancellations rates apply. NextPath Continuous Learning claims 100% of the service fee for short notice cancellations. The short notice details are outlined in your service agreement.

No. NextPath Continuous Learning provides opportunities for Work Experiences through the Workplace Learning Program. When we engage with our host employers we establish an ongoing relationship which allows us to provide many young adults to gain workplace readiness skills.


NextPath Continuous Learning will link you with services specific in finding you paid employment if this is one of your identified goals.