At NextPath, we work with individuals with neurological conditions including cerebral palsy and brain injury, developmental delay, genetic conditions, and orthopedic conditions. We also specialise in working with individuals with intellectual disability and neurological/behavioural conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.


What services do we provide?


- A range of Physiotherapy assessments which can be used to determine whether the child or young adult is developing their gross motor skills within an age appropriate timeframe.


- Organisation of Assistive Technology Devices to assist mobility such as walkers or standing frames.


- Ongoing individualised treatment sessions in our clinic or via telehealth.


- Outreach sessions to homes, schools, childcare centres or in the community.


- Group therapy sessions including social sports groups designed to teach children skills needed for successful participation in team-based sports.


- Therapy through an Allied Health Assistant Model. 


- Liaison and support to other services involved in an individual’s care e.g. Preschools, Long Day Care Centres, other Therapies and Schools.


- Home programs and parent and carer training.

Does my child need Physiotherapy?


Our Physiotherapy services can benefit babies, children or young adults who:


- Require assistance to learn to walk or mobilise


- Require assistive devices such as a walker to mobilise


- Have balance or coordination issues causing them to frequently fall or run into obstacles


- Have abnormalities in their gait (walking) or running technique


- Have difficulties keeping up with their peers due to fatigue or poor endurance


- Have difficulties with ball skills or sporting participation  


- Are weak or lack the strength to perform activities of daily living


- Have poor posture or alignment including those with pigeon toes, bow legs, knock-knees, or poor foot posture.