NextPath Year Review

End of year one with the NextPath students

At the beginning of 2018 Mater Dei launched NextPath, a program for young adults, designed to enable them to continue learning and building their skills once they have finished schooling. NextPath has grown substantially throughout the year. More young adults chose to access NextPath, speech pathologists and occupational therapists were added to the team; and a variety of opportunities, including group and individual programs focusing on a range of different content areas, were offered in the program.

We asked our young adults what they feel were the significant achievements in 2018. Some of the highlights for them are their participation in varied work internship opportunities. One young lady has been so impressive that she has been with her host employer for the entire year. A number of our young adults are catching buses independently and are in the process of learning to get to Sydney on the train by themselves. We all agree that we are proudest of the growth in independence and confidence that all of the young adults have noticed in themselves and in one another.

Mater Dei is committed to the growth and development of NextPath. We're excited about the move to our new space at Narellan Town Centre in 2019 which will enable even more opportunities for our young adults in the local community and cater for the growing number of young adults who are choosing a NextPath program.