Learning all the ropes: Charlotte's goal

Charlotte Cafe 3

Charlotte has been a NextPath Young Adult since 2018. One of her personal goals was (and still is) to gain as many Workplace Learning experiences as she can during her time with us and boy, oh, boy... is she smashing that goal! She's been on two Workplace Learning opportunities in two years, the last of which has landed her in an industry she's truly passionate about.

Let's start from the beginning...

Last year, Charlotte secured a workplace learning opportunity at Café Macarthur. Ask any employer, and they will tell you that hospitality experience is extremely valuable, no matter the industry. Charlotte understood this too - so while hospitality was not to be her 'forever' industry, she knew she'd learn skills that would put her in good stead for the future. The team at Café Macarthur were amazing by providing her with opportunities to learn and develop new skills specific to café work. She quickly developed self-confidence through improved communication skills, problem-solving opportunities and organisational skills. She quickly became a valuable and well-respected member of the Café Macarthur team. 

Charlotte knew she had more to learn and although she was sad to go, she finished up her placement and moved on to her next Workplace Learning opportunity. This time, it was in her dream industry.

In February of this year she started a placement at Macarthur Anglican School, helping with graphic design. The COVID-19 outbreak and school closures threatened to end her placement early, but Karyn, the Community Relations and Fundraising at Macarthur Anglican who supported Charlotte, had other ideas. Processes were put in place and Charlotte was able to continue her placement opportunity remotely. When NextPath checked in with Karyn at Macarthur Anglican, she had nothing but good things to say about Charlotte and, understandably, we were incredibly proud. Likewise, we were extremely thankful for Karyn who thought outside the box to keep Charlotte on board. She has been able to produce many flyers and designed material for future school events.

charlotte macarthur anglican

Charlotte is currently studying for a Diploma of Graphic Design at TAFE, and aims to commence her Advanced Diploma after that. She is also now working toward a long-term goal of employment within the Graphic Design industry.

We can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!