Jo's Inspired to Trek the Larapinta Trail

Jack and the subject of his interview, Jo Drinnan

Interview with Jo Drinnan - By Jack Murphy (NextPath Program Participant)

The Larapinta Trail could be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the first charity challenge for Mater Dei run by Inspired Adventures. People who attend the Trek will be pleased with getting out of their comfort zones.

I interviewed Jo Drinnan who was the first person to sign up for the Trek. Jo has previously visited Alice Springs and loved it. She wants to go back there and complete this trek. She wants to support Mater Dei as well.

Jo’s two reasons for committing to the Trek are equally important. Firstly, she’s committed to the trek to provide a personal challenge and secondly, to support Mater Dei and its NextPath Program. Jo proclaims to anybody thinking about doing the trek to “Just do it, it’ll be a great experience!”

Jo is inspired by the work done at Mater Dei as it supports families on their personal journeys. She has been to a lot of Mater Dei events and has seen the great work Mater Dei has done. In the past, she has arranged fundraising by hosting a high tea and fashion parade but she hasn’t decided how to fundraise for this event yet.

Jo hasn’t prepared for the trek yet besides walking her dogs but eventually she’ll make sure she’s all prepared for next year by completing more challenging walks to improve her trekking skills and endurance. Jo wants to achieve her goal and make great memories on the trek.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity contact Sarah on 4654 8708 or visit