Jack's Path

Jack working with NextPath staff member Lauren

Jack started his journey with the NextPath program in June 2018. One of his goals was to develop employability skills. There is no better way to do this than through exposure to employers and authentic employment opportunities. Many of our students are engaged in a process of exploration to assist with determining a career path.

An assessment process is used to determine individual focus areas. Jack worked with the team and identified goal setting, problem solving and advocating for himself as areas to focus on. 

Jack has made terrific progress towards his goals. Through a variety of experiences and learning opportunities he has achieved some personal goals he set for himself. He is initiating and persevering with employment and recreation opportunities that are fulfilling and enable him to be more independent.

The NextPath team supported Jack with a fantastic opportunity to spend eight weeks with the Macarthur Chronicle. During his work placement Jack had the experience of a working journalist. Below is an article written by Jack, and published by The Chronicle about his personal experience.

A big thanks to the Macarthur Chronicle, particularly to Vera and Daniel for providing Jack this opportunity. We are so grateful for the wonderful support of our community.

Read Jack's article here.

Jack's celebrating his work experience a Macarthur Chronicle