An unexpected love of hospitality

Janekan EB rotated 2 cropped

Janekan's Workplace Learning opportunities led him to discovering a love for hospitality he didn't realise he had. 

Janekan joined NextPath at 26 and with the support of Job Coaches he attended 3 very different placements.

Initially, Janekan has an interest in pursuing administrative work. In 2019 he joined the team at EagleBurgmann for his first Workplace Learning placement of the year. There, he developed one particularly beneficial skill - preparing and presenting PowerPoint presentations. This public-speaking opportunity developed his self-confidence (how many of us are terrified of public speaking?!) while improving his communication and organisational skills. 

His next Workplace Learning was one Janekan initially hadn't considered. Teen Ranch offered Janekan an opportunity to join their team. Little did Janekan know that a simple suggestion - to work in the kitchen/food prep area - would unlock a new interest that Janekan had not yet realised. Teen Ranch has allowed him to get the best of both worlds by working on his admin skills on some days while also spending time in the kitchen which he loves.

Currently, Janekan has found a Learning opportunity at PECA, a fine dining restaurant in Macarthur. He is developing more skills in food preparation and is looking at completing future studies in food handling - something he never would have considered two years ago.

Good on Janekan for being open-minded and embracing new things! I think we can all take a leaf from his book and we might end up somewhere we never expected.