A day in the life of Josh & Linda

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Linda uses our transport service each morning to get to our Launchpad, on the Mater Dei campus in Camden. At the same time, Josh is working on catching public transport. A Goal Facilitator has met Josh at home this morning to support him to catch the bus. When they arrive they engage in a variety of learning sessions. Lately these have focused on skills related to accessing the community with greater independence. Some of these skills have focused on communication, setting goals, being motivated and making choices. This morning they have been engaging in role plays with their peers to practice using non-verbal communication skills. 

Yesterday, they were considering a range of different emergency situations and how to respond to these. Even though Linda faces some challenges with writing and reading independently, the work is modified so that Linda can be involved in the discussion. “At the same time, Josh has been preparing to make a phone call regarding a work placement. Josh feels nervous about making phone calls. He has been supported to write a script so that he knows what to say.”

They use their timetables to know what is happening in the afternoon, as each day is different. On Monday afternoon Linda is working on a project that she has chosen to participate in. Linda was presented with the opportunity to support the Development Team at Mater Dei to make table centre pieces for the annual Golf Day. Linda and her peers received a project brief and have been working to determine the things that need to be purchased to make the table pieces later.

At the same time, Josh has been preparing to call TAFE. He is working towards employment in the fitness industry. Josh feels nervous about making phone calls. He has been supported to write a script so that he knows what to say when he calls TAFE to find out more about the course that he would like to do.

Tomorrow Linda is looking forward to her work placement at Sarita’s Clothing Emporium in Camden. Linda is working with her supervisor at the boutique to initiate tasks when she arrives, rather than relying on someone to remind her what needs to be done. Josh is catching the bus to the gym with some of his peers. Josh has been working hard on crossing roads by himself. His Assistant Goal Facilitators have been taking data on how many components of this skill Josh can complete by himself. Josh is working hard to remember to complete all the steps by himself so that he can confidently cross the road safely. At the end of the day, Josh and Linda will be supported to send an email or text to their supporters to update them on how they have progressed with their learning.