At NextPath, we use an individual’s strengths and interests to develop their communication skills. We work with individuals with a range of communication difficulties that may be due to developmental delays or disabilities/intellectual disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, chromosomal disorders, genetic conditions or other learning difficulties. 

What services do we provide?
  • Speech Pathology Assessments including language, speech, literacy, feeding/swallowing, social communication/pragmatics assessments
  • Ongoing individualised treatment sessions in our therapy rooms or via telehealth
  • Outreach sessions to homes, schools, childcare centres or in the community
  • Group therapy sessions including social communication groups
  • Therapy through an Allied Health Assistant Model. 
  • Liaison and support to other services involved in an individual’s care e.g. Preschools, Long Day Care Centres, other Therapies and Schools.
  • Home programs and parent and carer training
Does my child need Speech Pathology?

Our Speech Pathology services can benefit children or young adults who:

  • Are not reaching early developmental/communication milestones
  • Have difficulty expressing their thoughts and ideas using verbal language
  • Have unclear speech or pronunciation of words or sounds
  • Have trouble understanding what people say, e.g. difficulty following instructions or answering questions 
  • Have complex communication needs and would benefit from using AAC
  • Are not showing readiness for school at an appropriate age
  • Are struggling with reading and/ or writing
  • Have difficulty interacting socially with peers
  • Have difficulty with oral-motor skills, including feeding and swallowing
  • Have voice disorders 
  • Stutter