Congratulations WPL and Campbelltown Catholic Club

  • NextPath Continuous Learning

Published: 2022-05-28

Campbelltown Catholic Club’s (CCC) passion to support the many needs of Mater Dei began back in the early 1990’s, and the partnership has strengthened over the years, most recently with the NextPath Continuous Learning (NPCL) and Mater Dei Workplace Learning (WPL) programs. As NPCL has grown significantly in participant numbers over the past 5 years so too has the need for WPL opportunities for the young adults. The CCC have always been willing to accommodate our needs with offering multiple WPL opportunities across their Organisation.

The 2022 ClubsNSW Clubs & Community Awards Night on Thursday 26th May provided an opportunity to recognize the CCC for all their support. A submission showing support by the CCC to NPCL was submitted by the CCC in the category of Education Support. The CCC was nominated as a finalist, and staff members Samantha and Sharon, representing NPCL, were invited to the event. Excitedly, the CCC went on to win their category, as host Ben Fordham called up the CCC Chairman David McDonald and NPCL representatives to accept the award.

Campbelltown Catholic Club provided the opportunity of recognition to NPCL representative Sharon, allowing her the opportunity to talk about the work of NextPath Continuous Learning and the support the CCC offers the WPL program. The opportunity to tell our story to an audience of 900 guests from a diverse range of clubs and backgrounds was wonderful. Thank you David and the CCC for providing this opportunity to NPCL.

The evening was a great celebration and recognition and it was an honour for NPCL to be chosen and seen by the CCC as a worthy organisation to highlight and promote in the Educational Support category.

Thank you to the Catholic Club for all the support offered to Mater Dei that is seen, and more importantly, all the support that is unseen.